Need for raising entrepreneurial children

With the concept of ‘entrepreneurship’ becoming more and more relevant for corporate, it is time that children need to be honed with entrepreneurial skills right from a very young age. To be successful an entrepreneur requires creativity, empathy ,communication skills, problem solving ability ,practical mathematics and a knack for spotting something at the right moment and having the confidence to act.

Raising a child with an awareness of entrepreneurship and associated skills can change the life for the better even if they don’t go and start a business. These set  of skills will help them to grow up and be ready to take on the world. Being successful in the coming decades will be much harder as constant  disruptions is fast becoming the new normal.

An entrepreneurial mindset will give them awareness of opportunities to create something of value to positively disrupt a situation ,to collaborate towards an outcome or to make money in their own terms .Giving them a chance to develop skills like sales pitching, marketing, product creation, accounting, customer service, deal making ,negotiation and leadership will change their life ,no matter what they eventually do for work. Imbibing these qualities is not difficult. Often, understanding the traits of an entrepreneur will help in developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Few important traits include the following

Decisiveness: To succeed as an entrepreneur, one must gain the ability to look at a problem or situation, digest all available data and make confident decision to move forward. Decisive skills can be practiced and strengthened in our day to day life and it can start with the tiniest decision.

Confidence : To learn to act with confidence is one of the most important quality of an entrepreneur. It is important to understand that no one is born knowing what to speak ,launch a product ,how to start a blog and publish ideas to the world.

Accountability : The entrepreneurial mindset comes from taking responsibility for one’s actions and outcomes. An entrepreneurial mindset requires one to take complete control and hold oneself accountable to his/her outcomes—both good and bad.

Resilience : As an entrepreneur, one will have to deal with making mistakes and failing. They are inevitable and part of growth. Success rarely happens in a straight line. Taking wrong turns and making mistakes is something that happens to everyone. It is resilience that enables one to think, act and move iteratively—making small incremental corrections all the way.

Humility : Humility is the freedom from pride or arrogance and it ties all the characteristics of entrepreneurship. From freedom to confidence, humility will keep a person focussed and centered. From accountability to resilience, humility will help us to move forward through failure , mistakes and upsets.

Along with humility comes coachability—the ability to be coached. To achieve big things in life,one needs to be willing to learn from others and nourish a growth mindset. To do big things, one needs to grow and to grow, one needs to learn.

Once a child acquires these traits, it will foster a lifelong desire to continue learning and connect with others in pursuit of a larger purpose .The entrepreneurial skills that is developed in a child will be the key to helping them have a great career, starting a game changing business or solving a meaningful problem at scale.

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  1. Yes Very True…My experience of addressing large number of Engineeering students in various parts of the Country including IIT, I have observed that majority of the students are children born out of parents who are in jobs..such children are generaly brought up in a very secured structured environment never exposed to the rigors of enterprise…. Parents and Society seemingly averse to business…Today we are harping on transforming Job Seekers into Job Creators and Engineers with their Skill and analytical mind are best suited to become Entrepreneurs…In reality we find the Engineers and their Parents are more keen on they becoming Job seekers.

    True it is time to exude confidence in the minds of Children,Parents and Society that future lies in Enterprise..and therefore comprehensive Skilling India Mission to be taken up in the right earnest…

    Therefore the Resource Persons in the field of enterprises, Banking Management, alongwith with the Trade,Commerce Industry Assoiciations, the Technical Institutes, the Universities, the Banks & Financial Service providers, Financial Institutions, Entrepreneural Institutes and the Corporate sector will have to shed inhibitions, collaborate and leveraage their core competencies in a win win situation and thus activate the entire entrepreneural eco system instead of working on a stand alone basis…..apparently remaining more interested in Event management, Presentations and Documenting…without anything tangible to showcase..
    We have great talents and competencies we have lesser ideas and lesser ‘risk’ appetite…

    Yes Sriparna I admire and compliment you on your commitment towards enterprise and for having thought of..on the need to reorient our Children with an additional worthwhile window…an attractive alternate carrear option before them….Lets collaborate as a mission…Society must recognize and Support our Youths venturing into ethical business…

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