Entrepreneurial Stories – Introductory Note

In the last 4-5 years,we are witnessing a surge in entrepreneurship in the N.E Region.Today we find vibrant enterprises in the form of Start-ups, MSMEs, SHGs and FPCs and the eco-system is also evolving.Educational Institutions are increasingly looking at focusing on entrepreneurship as a career option and young minds are seriously looking at starting their own business.

With over twenty two years of experience as an entrepreneurial eco-system facilitator, I have  closely interacted /mentored entrepreneurs from the region and observed that entrepreneurs across the value chain have some things in common—passion, tenacity and a sense of purpose.

Through my series on ‘Entrepreneurial Journey” will keep sharing stories of different entrepreneurs from the region and bring four aspects of their journey

  • What triggered their desire to be an entrepreneur
  • Support that they have received from the eco-system
  • Main obstacles that they have faced
  • Their advise to young entrepreneurs

Story of Ava Creations

Sharing the story of Arup Baishya and Anu Mandal… the husband and wife duo who have carved a niche for themselves through AVA Creations, as social entrepreneurs and today they are an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

The trigger to start the entrepreneurial journey

It was interesting to know that both for Arup and Anu, their decision to venture into business was influenced by Entrepreneurship Development Programmes that they had attended. For Arup, the seed got implanted in an entrepreneurial awareness programme organised in his college and the seed germinated after going through various entrepreneurship programmes .Anu Mandal also attributes her plunge to the entrepreneurial journey to the entrepreneurship programme that she had attended at IIE.

Support from the eco-system

Regarding support from the eco-system, they had all positive experiences to share. I found this very interesting because most of the time, we find people complaining about not getting support from the eco-system. From this, a learning can be derived that as entrepreneurs, a quality that we need to develop is to thorough research on  know whom to reach out and for what. Support is available but one must be aware of the support available and accordingly reach out for help.

Main Obstacle

Access to funds was the major obstacle faced by the founders of AVA Creations in the initial phase of their entrepreneurial journey .However, looking back what the founders now  realise is that this obstacle was more because of lack of proper documentation and a well articulated business plan.

Arup Baishya’s advise to aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Make a realistic plan and stick to your dream
  • Obstacles may come,but finding a solution to the problem is more important

Below are a few video links where I have shared my experiences with entrepreneurs:

Date : 11-07-2021
Channel : Ritstime (web portal)
Program : Career time
Link : https://www.facebook.com/RitsTime/videos/561964464966228

Date : 08-03-2021
Channel : News Daily 24
Program : Tumi Nari
Link : https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=955620951508988

Date : 20-12-2020
Channel : PragNews (Digital)
Program : Pratibha, Ek Alok Hondhani Yatra
Link : https://www.facebook.com/pragnewsassam/videos/747184369227629

Date : 11-07-2021
Channel : Ritstime
Program : Career Time
Link : https://www.facebook.com/RitsTime/videos/561964464966228

Date : 25-07-2021
Channel : News Daily 24
Program : AVA Creations – Tene ek Shristri Ten eek Chinta
Link : https://fb.watch/6_ug2Axrw5/

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