About QuickFix – a startup from Guwahati

While mentoring start-ups, came across an a interesting start-up from Guwahati -‘Quick Fix’ , which is a demand service aggregation platform. Sharing this story because his strategy of market penetration has important lessons for start-ups.


Mukul Barman’s bootstrapped startup ‘Quick Fix’ had to go through the initial hiccups of deciding on the target market, zeroing on the services to offer and achieving a proof of sale. The idea of ‘Quick Fix’ germinated from the realisation that on time utility service is a big predicament in Guwahati –..whether it is finding a handyman ,or finding someone to fix water leakage or repairing an air-conditioning machine. ”Quick-Fix “ decided to come up with a solution with justified pricing through their online communication tool. It is a an aggregating platform of the indigenous unorganised labour force of the city which needs regular income and can live with dignity.

Initially Mukul Barman identified 46 in home services which are most essential in one’s daily life. While mentoring Mukul, I found that short listing the services and coming up with a branding and marketing strategy was the biggest challenge. It was at that point ,that I connected him with a brand consultant Rituraj Phukan who has over the last few years have assisted around five start-ups in developing their innovative branding and marketing strategies .Interacting with a brand consultant made a lot of difference and helped Mukul to understand the value of branding for his start-up ’Quick Fix” as a start-up has benefitted immensely in initiating the process of building up a brand and developing a marketing strategy. With rounds of discussion with the brand consultant,Mukul now has clarity on why customers will avail the services of’ Quick Fix’ both in terms. of the price being charged and his ability of offering verified, trusted and efficient service.

Mukul Barma

Branding plays an important role in the success of every business. It helps the enterprise in conveying the message to the target audience, differentiate from the competitors and enjoy a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. It doesn’t matter if the business is B2B or B2C, profitable or non-profitable. Often start-ups do not invest in building up a brand and developing a marketing strategy. But it is only through branding that a strong image of the company can be established and visibility increased. Mukul started his venture not only because he identified the predicament of the people of Guwahati in having access to on time utility services but also because of his long working experience in the telecom sector where he got an opportunity to interact with freelance technicians and understand the need and scope for aggregation of services to facilitate regular income in this unorganised segment.

The services of ‘Quick Fix ‘ can be availed through their Website (https://quickfix.biz) or through wattsapp number +91742999299.QuickFix has used AI tools on their Whatsapp number. An autobot can lead a customer to book services like a mobile app.
Wishing Mukul the very best

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