Dr. Sriparna B Baruah has 32 years of work experience in field of Management Education and in Small and Medium Enterprise Development with thrust on Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Promotion.She also has extensive experience in action research and implementing multi-state large projects on livelihood development specifically  in the North Eastern Region of India. Dr. Baruah represented NE India in various international forums and lead Business Delegations delegations globally. Dr. Baruah was Invited as a speaker from India to speak on Indian experience on SME development at the Annual Entrepreneurial Summit in Medellin (Colombia) in May 2011.She also presented a paper on SME cluster promotion in North East India at an international conference held in Malaysia  by Asian Council for Small Business (ACSB) in 2015.

Presently working as Head(Centre for Industrial Extension) at the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship.

In the initial stage of  her  career, as a faculty in Assam Institute of Management Dr. Baruah was a pioneer in introducing Management Education in N.E India. Keeping the needs of the youth in North East India , introduced a paper on Executive Effectiveness in Management curriculum and the key thrust of the paper was on developing entrepreneurial qualities amongst students. This paper has greatly contributed towards confidence building amongst students

In the year 1999, Dr. Sriparna B Baruah got the opportunity to join the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE) and in the initial 4-5 years got involved with action research and promoting Entrepreneurship Education. She undertook more than 26 action research on North East India including the following:

  1. Profiling 100 successful entrepreneurs from N.E India
  2. Status of Small Scale Industries in North East India
  3. Impact assessment of North East Industrial Policy 1997
  4. Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes in NER
  5. Women Entrepreneurs and Institutional Finance

Pioneering work on Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Sector in North East

The focus since the year 1999 has been more in the field of entrepreneurship promotion. On Entrepreneurship promotion, Dr. Baruah’s involvement has been in the following areas:

  1. Entrepreneurship Education: Designing and developing programmes both for Teachers as well as students for facilitating in taking up entrepreneurship as a career option.
  2. Mentoring and handholding existing and potential start-ups in opportunity guidance and scaling up.
  3. Implementing livelihood projects  through a holistic approach of providing both backward and forward linkage. Work area has been all eight states of North East. So far, through projects implemented under Dr Baruah’s leadership, around 8000 beneficiaries.have been covered Successful sustainable models for replication have been developed. The impact of the initiatives undertaken has been in the area of social capital mobilisation, access to credit, product diversification and value added products, infusion of technology and market linkage leading to enhancement of income and empowerment at the grassroots. These experiences have been documented, shared in National and International forums, and a way ahead for promoting clusters has evolved.
  4. Mentoring : She has been providing mentoring support to both start-ups and existing entrepreneurs. While the prospective entrepreneurs are being guided on opportunities and on motivational aspects, the existing entrepreneurs are mentored to scale up and this has been done by closely working with Industry Associations like FINER, CII and FICCI.

Dr Baruah has been instrumental in creating a platform for women entrepreneurs of this region.The platform facilitates sharing of best practices, ideation, networking and mentoring.

Besides this, Dr Baruah  facilitated Business Delegations for Entrepreneurs from North East to various countries     including China and Hongkong, Egypt and Isreal and a number of South east Asian countries.These delegations helped in transfer of technology and facilitated market linkage.

She has been regularly providing academic and consultancy support to MBA departments of all major universities of Assam ,institutions like Tata Institute of Social Science(TISS), National Institute of Rural development (NIRD),Assam Administrative Staff College (AAASC) etc.

Dr Baruah is a member of the board of management in the School of Vocational Training (SOVET) under IGNOU.

In November 2018 ,she recieved the ‘Bharat Vikas Award’ for her contribution to the Livelihood sector from the Institute of Self Reliance

Dr Baruah also  recieved an award from Junior Chambers International for her contribution to the Education sector

And the journey continues….

This blog is another initiative of Dr. Sriparna B Baruah to reach out to a wider section of people in the North East Region and help, inspire and motive more number of entrepreneurs.